Nederlandse versie

The Brahms recorded and released two subsequent EP’s within two years, winning multiple awards (3FM Award Best Alternative, Sena Performers PopNL Award, Utrecht Popprijs etc.) and gaining substantial airplay for their first four singles (Golden, Homerun, Shoulder Blades and Feels Like Home). After this it was time for a recluse. Taking a small break from touring after playing over 70 shows in 2016, the band went back to the drawing board. This meant all the options were open again and the resulting creative freedom led the band in a new direction, unprecedented by anything they wrote before.

2017 marks the beginning of a new era for The Brahms. First single of the new album, ‘Sleep’ shows a fresh and compelling new side to the band. This sound is mainly due to a collaboration with London-based producer Larry Hibbitt (Nothing But Thieves, Sundara Karma, Bloxx). Having written a total of thirty songs for their debut album, the band hand-picked the best ones and spent a total of eighteen days in Artspace Studios in London to lay down the new tracks.

 “The great thing about The Brahms is that almost every song is so melodic and catchy that they all could have been hit songs. Bouncy bass and guitar lines and South-American sounding percussion. Lead singer David has a pleasant and recognisable voice and the band sounds perfectly attuned to each other.” source: 3voor12  

 The debut album is out now!