The Brahms


Nederlandse versie

’The ideal compromise between the lightness of Vampire Weekend during the A-Punk era, the ready-made pop of The 1975 and the catchy stadium-songs of Kensington.’ Source: 3voor12

Since the release of their first EP ‘Meraki’ and their first single ‘Golden’ The Brahms have been a prominent factor on the Dutch radio. After winning the ‘Utrecht Popprijs 2014’ and supporting The Kooks in the Heineken Music Hall, the band’s career jumpstarted when they were promoted to 3FM Serious Talent at the beginning of 2015.

Single ‘Golden’ was announced a 3FM Megahit just before the summer of 2015, after which the band supported OK Go! and Sheppard in the Main Hall of Paradiso. The Brahms also played some prestigious festivals including de Beschaving, Appelpop and Back At Sea and they were one of the most booked bands during the ‘Popronde’, a travelling festival all over The Netherlands. In August 2015 the band won the SENA Performer’s Award and the succeeding single ‘Homerun’ also made it to the 3FM Playlist.

3voor12: “With their 3FM Megahit The Brahms have proved themselves to be masters at making catchy, accessible pop songs. It’s nice to see how much they enjoy playing live. These boys were made for the larger pop-audiences.”

In the fall of 2015 The Brahms secluded themselves in the Motor Music studios in Mechelen (Belgium) to lay the foundations of a new period in the still short history of the band. The result was a new EP in March 2016, which shows a new, more grown-up and most of all a more defined side of the band.

Summery festival-songs but also more melodic, compelling tunes can be expected. At any rate the new songs, which were released under the name ‘BELISE’ will feel at home at any festival this summer!